Has anyone ever asked why ?

I have a question. What is life? Why exactly are we here? What exactly are we doing? I mean, look at our bodies, what are we exactly trying to achieve here? We are stuck in these sacks of meat that we have to maintain all the time for a longer life for what? Has anyone … Continue reading

Its a very special book

This is my face when i heard that there is an ancient novel full of murder , corruption, homophobia, bestiality, incest , and cruelty , and its often read to children on Sunday.

I do not feel safe

I do not feel safe

I do not feel safe , no matter where i am , as long as i am in this city , i do not feel safe . Its the same thing every day , i wake up to unlock a door , that has a bar across it to prevent being opened from the outside as well as a chain … Continue reading

What just happened ?

What is this ? Here i am again back here , 3 years later . A lot has happened i’m not sure whether this is the calm before the storm or i really did it . i don’t know but one day , i will find out .   You probably might be wondering now … Continue reading

Bread, can we still be friends?

Originally posted on Culinary Chick:
Dear Bread, How have you been? I’m hoping you  are well.  I know I’ve been distant lately, and after reading this letter, I hope you understand why.  I hope it won’t upset you, I’ve realized over our break these past two week s that I can no longer see you.…

Messed Up Again

Well, this is the time i can say i’m making waaaay too much mistakes.. It started by the server going offline without a reason. Firstly i thought it was just a normal outage like a network problem but it wasn’t. After actually loging onto the control panel i find that i have been “SUSPENDED” for … Continue reading

Wordpress And Iframes

So i tried something else, embedding iframes in wordpress, it doesn’t seem to like iframes that much, so found a simpler solution. I got a plugin from WordPress.org , The Embed Iframe plugin , It works pretty well. And then comes up another one again inserting a plugin into an html page, simple, got a … Continue reading

In The Beggining

In the beginning? Yes, the very beginning. This is my first post and i’m actually asking myself what i’m actually going to be blogging about. So here goes, to make my blogging life easier, i’m going to write about anything i come across, on the internet of course.   Stay tuned for more.